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Cracker Collaboration - Earth + City and Village Juicery

In recent years, bottles of fresh or cold-pressed juice can be found anywhere from specialty juice shops to chain grocery stores. This relatively recent trend has health-conscious people looking to get their fruit, vegetables and greens in a quick, drinkable form. However, what is not often discussed is the copious amount of waste of the by-product of juicing: fibrous, nutritious pulp. Depending on production, most successful juice companies can produce several thousand pounds of juice pulp waste each month. Some companies may donate it or compost it at their own cost, but the majority goes into the garbage. It’s staggering and, in the minds of many environmentalists and sustainability advocates, is a real problem.

So, in 2016, we set out to create something to combat this problem while also making a delicious plant-based, gluten-free cracker that was full of all the organic and local ingredients that we love to use and would complement our infamous dips. So we thought why not be savvy and repurpose the “waste or scrap’ product and give it new life? It could be …. Food. Full Circle… like our tagline. Why not use the leftover juice pulp as a base for these crackers? And why not create a partnership with a local juice company to take their discarded juice pulp and use it to create a delicious and nutritious food product?


We have loved Village Juicery ever since they first opened back in 2014. They would often use us for catering opportunities and we would swing by their stores to pick up juices. The partnership seemed like a natural step to take. Their company ethos aligns directly with our core values and mission – to create high-quality, healthy products from locally sourced and often organic produce. 

Each week, Village Juicery delivers their organic juice pulp straight to our production kitchen door. It allows us to create our delicious line of juice pulp crackers - Kale Lemon, Kale Rosemary and Beet Dill. We are so happy that our crazy idea worked and evolved into not only an awesome collaboration with a like-minded company but a product that you, our customers, love and enjoy too.

We hope to keep creating more awesome, innovative products in the future! And we hope you love them as much as these cracker creations!

Have any innovative food waste repurposing ideas you’d like to share? Have any suggestions of future products for us to create? Drop us a line below or on our social platforms!

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